College Football: 2015 Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Wisconsin / by Brian Rothmuller

The end of college football season means bowl time and for the third straight year I shot the USC Trojans bowl game. Just like last year, USC took part in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium.

When you shoot football a lot of the action shots are luck depending on where you are on the field and where the action takes place. In this game, some of the best action occurred on the opposite side of the field I was on, but there were still opportunities all around.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the game, comments and questions are welcomed.

Hope you enjoy.

I took over 30 pictures to get this one shot. I like how his eyes are staring straight through me and the bokeh on the left. Don't give up on a shot, continue to have patience and wait for the perfect moment.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day, as you see the Holiday Bowl logo in the background and the different emotions of the two players. 

While many photographers were focused on the game, I spent some time on the sidelines looking for shots of the players on the bench. I love this shot, with the Dracula mouthguard and the eyeblack. 

What I like about this shot is the celebration of the players, the ref in the middle of them putting his hand up signaling it is fourth down and the contrast between the players in the air and their teammates next to them. 

As a photographer, you are always looking for clean backgrounds. In this case, the background tells the story of what the game it is. With so many people on the sidelines during bowl games, it is tough to get such a clean background.

This photo tells a good story. You see the player going in for a touchdown, the ref in the background signaling a touchdown and the goal marker on the right side. It is also enhanced by the fact it looks like the Wisconsin player is trying to break the running back's leg.